We are a family-oriented dentistry practice that believes quality of service is our primary goal.  When there is a choice of several different procedures for a patient, we will choose the one that, will be the best one for our patients ten years later, even if that procedure isn’t the quickest or most profitable to us.  This long term focus helps us build long term relationships with each of our patients and their offspring.  We have many new patients whose parents and even grandparents have been a patient of our practice for years.



  • Our work lasts a long time…We strive to perform quality work that lasts for decades.  Providing dental services in a small town, we also know the importance of building personal relationships that evolve into long term multigenerational friendships based on trust and great service.
  • We also strive to minimize any and all pain experienced by our patients.  We know how much teeth needing root canals, extraction, or just plain fillings can hurt and we do all that is within our power to minimize, and finally eliminate that pain.
  • Treat our patients according to the Golden Rule…We treat you in the exact same way we want to be treated when we are patients, including quality work, minimal duress, courteous service, pleasant conversation, and minimal waiting.
  • Consideration and Courtesy: Avoid patients having to wait. We consider your time as valuable as ours and go to great extremes to make sure you don’t have to wait past your appointment time.
  • Be available 24/7 when patients need us. Tom even provides an emergency cell phone number allowing his patients to reach him directly during off hour emergencies.
  • We only recommend dental work that patients need and can afford.  Just because a new dental procedure is hip and/or popular, we don’t recommend it unless you need it, can afford it, and can’t be done just as well with a lower-cost alternative.  We consider your budget as well as your dental health and strive to make both work best for you and your family.
  • We emphasize preventative dentistry where doing small things now can eliminate large consequences that would result later if they’re not done previously.


Our dental practice was founded by Tom’s father: Dr. William Covington and has been an integral part of the Plymouth community since  the mid-1950s.  Tom joined the practice in 1987 after graduating from dental school at the University of Michigan, working together with his father for a few years, after which his dad retired and Tom took over the practice alone.  This multigenerational approach to dental care has provided Plymouth residents with a continuity of service and the reassurance that their dental health has been, and will continue to be, looked after by caring, quality professionals who are also an integral part of their community. 16 years ago, we moved into our current office on Harvey in downtown Plymouth.


We are located in downtown Plymouth at 360 Harvey, right across the street from the health center and parking structure.




  • We are open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00AM  to 5:00 PM. 
  • On Wednesday, we open at 10:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM to accommodate those patients who work during the day. 
  • Just call us at 734-453-2180 during office hours to set up an appointment.


Contacting Us

  • In addition to our daytime phone number of 734-453-2180,  Patients can also contact  Dr. Covington in the case of an after-hours emergency, directly on his cell phone, which he carries at all times when he is not in the office. 
  • You can also contact us via email at  info@tomcovington.net.


Billing and Payment Information

    Our office participates in most out-of-network insurance plans.  We will assist in filing your claims electronically.  Please contact Kim at our office for additional insurance information.
    For our non-insured patients, or for treatments no fully covered by your insurance company, we offer flexible payment options.  We also accept  Mastercard and Visa.                 







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